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Procedure for betting on Wthunder

Here is the process to bet money on War Thunder, the Gaijin Entertainment' simulateur de combat in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

As the figurehead of Gaijin Entertainment (Crossout, Star Conflict, Cuisine Royale, Enlisted), War Thunder lets you take command of planes, tanks and warships from the last century. It is a free massively multiplayer online game (MMO), available on PC Windows-MacOS-Linux, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Its development began in 2009, and the game was available in beta version open from 2013 to be officialized in 2016 (we grant you, that's a few dates to remember). It was designed with the experience gained from other games developed by the studio (IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, Apache Air Assault and Birds of Steel), which were very well received by critics in the past.

War Thunder allows you to get in control and take on other players online, taking part in different types of battles :

First of all, the air battles. These battles pit two squadrons against each other, who must accomplish different types of objectives to win: air superiority, ground attack, destruction of bases, providing close support to ground forces (here controlled by the computer), etc. The air battles are also known as air battles.

Next come land or naval battles, where players control tanks or warships. However, note that these so-called "mixed" battles also include planes and even helicopters piloted by the players! In fact, as the game progresses, your actions (eliminations, captures, etc.) will earn you points that will allow you to either change vehicles or take control of an airplane or helicopter. These "mixed" battles, as well as the classic aerial battles, are offered in three difficulty modes:

  • Arcade, where the player is guided by an airborne aiming aid and has a land battle penetration aid, which allows him to see if his shots can damage enemy armor. The game physics and land vehicle suspensions are modified and are less realistic. Players can also see their opponent's nickname above their vehicle.
  • Realistic, where the physics of the game and the behaviour of the vehicles are much more realistic compared to reality. Players do not have any form of aiming aid and must take into account the penetration of their vehicle's ammunition. They no longer see the aliases of enemy tanks, planes and ships in mixed battles. However, in air battles, they can see the aliases of enemy aircraft and ground units (controlled by the computer) if they are in the field of vision of the pilot and/or the rest of the crew. For example, aircraft flying at very low altitudes are more likely to be invisible than those flying at medium and high altitudes. Note also that in realistic aerial battles, some of the planes take off from the airfield, so you will have to take off and land if you want to reload your weapons and refuel.
  • Simulator, where everything is done to provide the player with the most realistic experience possible. Just like in realistic mode, you will have to take into account the fuel (only in aerial battle) as well as the ammunition reserves. You can only fly in aircraft cockpit view and you only have the view of the tank commander or the driver on the ground. No more nicks over enemy players or allies to find your way around in the sky, it's up to you to.

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