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Procedure for betting on Sc2

Here is the process to bet money on Starcraft 2, the Blizzard Entertainment' RTS in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

Just like sports betting on a football match, it is also possible to bet on your favorite team or player in the Starcraft 2 competition. First of all, you must understand that betting real money is reserved for adults with a bank account or e-wallet.

How to bet on Starcraft 2

You've never missed the World Cyber Arena, Major League Gaming or the Dreamhack, Starcraft 2 competitions and tournaments, you know the players, the strategies, the builds, the maps...and you want to bet on this passion.

Any good bookmaker on electronic sports accepts bets on Starcraft 2. It is the strategy game the most ahead of its time in terms of professionalization of its players. Most of the operators who take bets on this game are American.

What can you bet on?

The most common bets are those made during live tournament matches. They are not only limited to the prediction of who will win the match, but can be be bets on which player will reach the quarter finals or win the event. You also have the possibility to bet on the nationality of the winner. There are also more special bets often offered by bookmakers, such as betting on whether the game will be over in less than 15 minutes.

Betting strategies

Starcraft 2 matches are often close, even the biggest of the favorites can get beaten on a mistake of inattention or a strategy that came out of nowhere. It's not betting on favourites that will allow you to make money easily.

Betting on the Starcraft 2 game is the most risky in e-sport. The money bet must be considered as lost even before you play it, and if you win, so much the better. You should consider betting as a simple way to live your experience of support in a different way.

When the match is very unbalanced, bookmakers try to offer better odds by adding a handicap. This consists of adding one or two maps in advance to the outsider and recalculating the odds. You need to know all the information you can before taking this type of bet because the handicap varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Find out more about the players and their history, win profile, progress, strategy, etc. Usually this information is provided by the bookmakers. However, you can also find them on certain websites such as the TeamLiquid Wiki for example.

The exception of Starcraft 2

The Starcraft 2 version (Brood war, Heart Of Swarm and Legacy Of the void) has the particularity of being very sharp in terms of balancing while allowing the development of many strategies.

Having become a very popular game, Starcraft 2 is an institution of e-sport that has lasted for over 15 years. As a fan, you can live your passion and try your luck to win money.

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