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Here is the process to bet money on StarCraft: Brood War, the Blizzard Entertainment' RTS in three steps.

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Blizzard follows a fairly classic model for its game releases: the game released is a hit in terms of sales and as a result, about a year later, the Californian company released an extension (which incidentally, will also be a hit).

For the case we're interested in, StarCraft, it was in 1998, and Brood War was offering us a lot of attractive new features.

In a galaxy far far away...

From a historical point of view, you're picking up exactly where you left off with the "normal" StarCraft story. The Earth Federation Board of Directors, an organization taking its direction directly from planet Earth, appears and will attempt to take control of the Terran colonies in the area. For their part, the Protoss are thinking about their wounds following the devastation of their mother planet, and will try to reconcile with the Black Templars, a faction that has been banished and exiled for centuries. The Zerg, for their part, will see the Queen of Spades, alias Kerrigan, emerge, trying to take back the torch of the Overmind, now destroyed, and to unify the clouds under her yoke.

By the dozen or by the unit?

Yes, because when you say extension, you almost inevitably mean new units, and that's the case here. Each race is equipped with an anti-aircraft air fighter only, as well as a new ground unit (even two for the Protoss), but let's go into details.

On the Terran side, you will now be able to recruit medics to heal allied organic units, extract zerg parasites (very handy in multi) or blind enemy units (terrible against overlords or protoss observers, because this blindness also makes them lose the detection capacity of invisible units).

The new air fighter of the Terrans is the valkyrie, able to launch myriads of rockets (anti-unit air only, I remind it). The unit causes relatively little damage, but potentially has a lot of units (because it works by zone): the anti-scourge or nine-carrier weapon.

For the Zerg, we have the sapper, which is a new improvement of the hydralisk, which looks like a kind of big spider unable to defend itself. Because the beast can only attack once it is buried, and then it becomes invisible and launches a full line assault against enemies within range. A sort of invisible, mobile drowned colony to put it mildly.

The new aerial unit of the big, ugly bugs is the devourer, which is a new evolution of the mutalisks, projecting an acid causing heavy damage to enemy air units and slowing them down at the same time (making it very difficult to escape).

Finally, the Protoss are the most spoiled level new units. Let's start with the Black Templars, which aren't really a novelty since they appeared in the basic game, but were not accessible to formation and only present in the game's campaigns. From now on, these invisible warriors can be recruited like any standard unit.

As with "normal" Templars, two Black Templars can merge and give birth to a Black Archon. Only one of their powers alone justifies their existence: the definitive takeover of an enemy unit. If the unit is protoss, it will integrate normally into your armies (and take supply in the classic way), but by this means you can especially exceed the limit of 200 supply points. Another case, if you take possession of a Terran or Zerg unit, a new supply for this new race will appear, you will not be penalized for the development on the protoss side. And icing on the cake: if you enlist a VCS or a drone, you will be able to build in a completely normal way a camp of a race external to yours (always with differentiated supply!), and you will create a potentially heterogeneous army but combining all the forces of the different races of the game. Well, afterwards, in practice, it is unlikely that the enemy will give you the opportunity and/or time to achieve this, but it remains a possibility.

Finally, the privateer is the new protoss air unit. Its attack is most standard (always anti-aircraft only), but it has the ability to create a ground zone that prevents, for a small period of time, any unit there from attacking (but not being attacked from outside that zone). So you can get close to an enemy turret, launch this kind of stasis field and bring all your nice ships back to destroy it. Another case: you get attacked by, say, ultralisks; hop, use of the ability. The ultralisks are forced to leave the area to attack, while you have the option of shooting them with whatever you have on hand.

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