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Procedure for betting on NFS

Here is the process to bet money on Need For Speed, the Electronic Arts' car racing game in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

What's new for this game that "deepens and expands everything Need For Speed fans love"? A trip to Palm City, an open environment in which it will once again be a question of getting a killer street cred.

During the day, we'll meet up in official Speedhunters Showdown competitions to win lots of money. At night, we'll try to boost his reputation (REP) in clandestine races set up under the nose of the police. And when do we sleep? I don't know. But we're promised lots of customization options and a captivating scenario. So there's no reason to sleep at night, especially since the online game for up to 16 players seems to be on the cards. That's going to make some people sleepy.

We already know that different editions are planned, with bonuses for pre-orders. The Standard Edition will start with a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X K.S Edition.

The first contact with Need For Speed is therefore very pleasant, as it flatters our senses in a beautiful visual and sound demonstration. The game offers us a world open only at night and almost constantly in the rain, which allows it to display really splendid graphics of realism.

Vehicles are finely modeled, as are buildings and other elements, but above all many special effects (reflections on puddles, water drops on cars and camera, light effects of all kinds ...) come to embellish the whole in a relentless way. Seriously, there's no need to procrastinate: it's a big slap in the face.

Open world desperately looking for fun

But to finally get to the heart of the matter, these games with several players hardly save an open world racing game that lacks fun. On the one hand, you get bored between two events as this concept of open world is under-exploited. If you hope to have fun on the way between two events, as it could be the case in previous NFS, including the excellent Most Wanted which offered a thousand and one gaps to cross and other long jumps, then you'll be disappointed. The only "activities" proposed here: find 12 boxes containing mechanical parts, find spots to take pictures, put donuts (360° skids on the spot) in some places and... that's it! We struggle to find the rare nice jumps and jumps, which are not even used as record pretexts.

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