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The studio in charge of licensing since Gears of War 4 decides to offer a sequel to its new adventure. The Coalition is clearly taking a new turn since they've been working on the franchise, and this Gears 5 confirms the good intentions of the developers. This new opus is part of the continuity but takes some risks in many places, which will pay off in the end. In this direct sequel to the episode released in 2016, we find our young CGU squad.

Beyond the interminable war against the Locusts, this epic in search of answers will take the time to tell stories. Maybe it's silly to say, but Gears of War finally takes the time to take a breath and weave links between our characters. Even though the Lore is growing, it's all done in a very skillful way so as not to frustrate the fans of hemoglobin. In this new episode, we find a rhythm as muscular and spectacular as ever in the action scenes. But the whole thing is articulated in such a way as to take a step back from the universe that has surrounded us for several years now.

The development of Gears 5 took place in the greatest of silences, before gently introducing its various game modes during the events preceding its release. So we were entitled to ask ourselves a lot of questions. Fears were beginning to set in, what if the series was finally a thing of the past? The Coalition has just clearly shown us that it doesn't. Indeed, you'll understand why the title is now a must-have for the Xbox One generation.

A great technique!

Before going into more detail, we'll start with an update on technique. It's impossible to talk about Gears 5 without starting with its almost perfect technique. It is even obvious that this work could give some lessons to other productions. As we all know, the Xbox One X is a real technical gem on the home console market. If you own it, it is forbidden not to try this game. Because the development teams have pulled off a real tour de force by displaying on your screens a game that can run 4K in 60 FPS without even coughing.

The game is absolutely magnificent, from the environments, the colors, the play of light and the finesse of details. We will have noticed a few sets here and there with a few imperfections but nothing serious. As for the PC version, the title is extremely greedy. Then it will be necessary to have a war machine to really take advantage of it. The multiplayer part remains nevertheless more fluid than the campaign on more modest configurations. Now that we've compared the size of our machines, it's time to talk about the core of the game and what it's all about.

Let's start with the playable campaign for up to three players. This one takes place very soon after the events of the fourth opus. We start by playing JD Fenix, during the first few hours of a fairly linear game. You go through the city, facing tons of bugs at a crazy pace. You're right in the bath, and you quickly remember that you're not there to enjoy the scenery.

Until the second part, where you will now take control of Kait Diaz. You should know that our young heroine is the centerpiece of the studio's new plot. She decides to separate herself from the rest of the group in order to understand her origins and her mysterious link with the enemy. So you're going to be in the middle of snowy landscapes that are much bigger than what the series could offer until then.

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