Betting money in eSport: games and tournaments

Betting on sports matches is increasing as fast - if not faster - than betting on the sports matches themselves. What was once an informal system of betting between friends and acquaintances is rapidly becoming an industry where hundreds of millions of Euros are wagered every year by millions of players from almost every corner of the world. We give you the chance to explore Esports betting and provide you with legitimate betting providers.

If you're a fan of electronic sports, the task will be less complicated for you, since you already know the main tournaments, favourite teams, challengers or key players in the different disciplines. If you are new to eSport, nothing is lost, you have as much chance as the insiders, just take some time to understand how the different eSport disciplines work and get to know the teams and players. You will discover for example teams like Millenium, Fnatic, SK Gaming, etc... You should get to know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them in their favourite games. You also need to know the main players of these teams and the possible reshuffles.

Choose the best operators

Once you are familiar enough with the world of electronic sports, you will need to know the main operators and how they operate. After that, you will be able to bet real money with all the odds on your side. Opt for experienced and safe bookmakers, with a maximum number of matches, a maximum number of players and a maximum amount of play, in order to put all the odds on your side.

Some eSport games in pictures

There are not as many operators specifically dedicated to betting on electronic sports disciplines. This is obviously due to the fact that this discipline is in its infancy. There are no Arjel approved operators in France as there are in sports betting. Most of them have settled in the United States or England where eSports betting is a little more developed. A good command of English is therefore essential to get into eSports betting and get away with it.

Opt for the most popular games

Games such as STR or MOBA are a must in eSport because they bring together the largest number of players. As for matches, League of Legends, Starcraft and Dota matches are the most popular and offered by any good bookmaker. You can also bet on Counter Strike, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Valorant and Call of Duty. You have the possibility to bet real money on the victory of a team or on your own victory.

How to win?

To bet intelligently in esport, you have to understand a fundamental difference that separates it from traditional sports. Esport is a world in constant evolution where the past does not reflect the future. In traditional disciplines, it is possible to collect a large amount of data over time to refine predictions. One can also take the time to get to know the best athletes and the biggest teams. World rankings are relatively stable from one season to the next. None of this is the case in electronic sports! In esport mode, online betting and historical analysis don't mix. Everything evolves far too fast to be able to rely on old statistics. Many factors explain this volatility:

  • Evolution of the games. Unlike traditional sports, the "playing field" and rules change every year in esport, as new titles are released and updates are made.
  • Short careers. Pro Esport players are very young and their careers at the highest level do not exceed two years on average. This leads to a constant renewal of the rankings.
  • Fluctuating numbers. Changes of players within the pro teams are very frequent and are made continuously, the mercato never closes.
  • Unstable teams. The professional structures that host the players are also subject to strong jolts, in an ecosystem in perpetual evolution.

As a result, the esport bettor has to be on the lookout. The secret of success lies in reactivity, understanding the present and immediate trends. It's a good thing, the deeply online nature of esport competitions offers you a web window wide open on everything that happens there, 24 hours a day!

Esport sports betting: our advice

In esport, we're still at the very beginning! All the more reason to start early; you will learn faster than the others and won't miss any episode. Some good practices and techniques are already well documented by the specialists in esport sports betting. Follow these tips to progress faster!

  • Play a game, or watch matches: As with any sport, knowledge of the game is essential. Playing helps a lot, but the best punters are not the best players. Watch the games of the pros and the reports made by relevant casters (commentators). You will learn just as much.
  • Experience in-play betting: It consists of betting while watching the games. First of all, it's very enjoyable and exciting. Moreover, it will help you discover new opportunities for winning bets, on different actions and bets.
  • Betting on several tournaments: Apart from the most famous tournaments, such as The International, the world final of Dota 2, there are hundreds of competitions all over the world all year round. Smaller or less famous tournaments are no less interesting from a betting point of view. They are an additional source for finding interesting odds.

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