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Procedure for betting on Runeterra

Here is the process to bet money on Legends of Runeterra, the Riot Games' collectible card game in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

Discover 5 tips that will allow you to progress easily!

1 - Anticipate the most played cards of each region

LoR is still much too young for a meta to have been installed on the game. At the moment, most players are hacking decks with the mechanics they like best by doing the best they can with their very incomplete collection of cards.

Nevertheless, we can feel that the community is starting to see some powerful archetypes, but also the key maps of each region. Thus, it is generally possible to anticipate the presence of certain cards in the opposing deck simply by paying attention to the regions and champions played. Here are a few examples of cards that are currently played a lot, and that you can anticipate to adapt your way of playing.

2 - Enjoy the mana gems

Many players make the mistake of constantly draining their mana reserve to cast spells at times that may not be appropriate. The gem system allows you to store up to 3 mana in order to use them later.

Rather than using a Black Spear on this poor 2/2 spider to empty your mana bar, why not store those two mana points in your gems in order to have access to the same spell next turn, when your enemy could pose a greater threat as a champion (Zed, Elise, Draven, Jinx, Yasuoa... many champions have 3PV or less) or an elusive unit that you can't block.

Always keep in mind that keeping mana available, in his reserve or in his gems, forces the opponent to consider the possibility that you cast a quick or instantaneous spell at any time. He could therefore play more cautiously and be less oppressive.

3 - If you have the advantage: attack!

Each turn of a Legends of Runeterra game, the player on Attack has the initiative. He can therefore play first... or even attack immediately before the opponent places a unit or a slow spell.

Attacking immediately when the board is in your favour is often a great idea. You will certainly inflict less damage than if you had taken the time to place more units from your hand, but you drastically reduce the chances that your opponent will regain control of the board even before your attack.

4 - Adapt your deck to what you encounter

There's no doubt that things will change in the coming weeks, as players complete their collection and begin to discover which deck archetypes are the most powerful at the moment.
Whether you're an avid netdecker who will jump on the best decks as soon as they are discovered, or whether you prefer to build your own decklists, this advice always applies: adapt your decks!

5 - Play in Expedition mode

Expeditions is the "draft" game mode of Legends of Runterra. At each session, you have to create your deck about the cards that are proposed to you.

Expeditions are undoubtedly an excellent way to progress. First of all because they allow you to learn how to build a deck, a skill that is becoming increasingly rare in an era where many players are content to import lists found online.

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