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Here is the process to bet money on Classic Tetris, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo' puzzle video game in three steps.

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Since its creation a little over 35 years ago, Tetris has been an absolutely universal game, playable by everyone and at any age, even for casual gamers who want to change their minds quickly. On February 14, 2019 a certain Tetris 99 bloomed on the Switch eshop... a bouquet that turned out to be full of thorns. Because it's not a dinner for two but a 99-player battle he's proposing, and by God, what a battle royale. We look back on a date that was set a year after it hatched.

Its concept sounds almost like a lost bet, and yet Tetris 99 is indeed a unique Battle Royale, which has even reset everything we thought we knew about stacking blocks. In its main game mode, it pitted 99 players against each other simultaneously, each in front of their own grid. And as in any royal battle or TV show where you eat cassava, at the end of the game, "there's only one left". If the speed of execution and the mastery of the Double T-Spin are always a plus, it is not enough to be a good Tetris player to make Top 1 at Tetris 99.

All this may seem exaggerated for a Tetris and yet, the title is thought and tailored for the competitive in many ways. As it stands, the game offers only modes in versus: the eponymous mode "Tetris 99", its even more difficult variant "Tetris Invictus" and finally the latest arrival "Team Battle". The other, more "casual" game modes, such as "Against the Computer" (a good way to practice the strategies of the "99" mode), the traditional "Marathon" and the two options of "Local Arena" and "Shared Battle" are only available in the paid DLC "Big Block".

There's also a competitive atmosphere in this Tetris, with Grand Prix weekends regularly organised by Nintendo - often in conjunction with the release of another major title from the publisher such as Fire Emblem or Pokémon, which results in the addition of an exclusive theme as a reward carrot. Finally, the game has recently made it possible to completely reconfigure its keys in the settings, to be as comfortable as possible and optimise the game's handling, which shows the route chosen by the developers.

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