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Here is the process to bet money on World in Conflict, the Sierra Entertainment' RTS in three steps.

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Succumbing, too, to the fashion of uchronic scenarios, World in Conflict propels us to the end of the 1980s, when the Cold War turned into the Third World War. After having set fire to all of Europe, the USSR now turns to the United States and lands in Seattle at the beginning of the title's solo campaign.
It is the latter which will interest us particularly at first. It includes only about fifteen missions completed in less than ten hours, and makes it possible to take in hand two of the three factions of the game: the United States and NATO, the USSR being playable only in multiplayer.

Travelled from the North American continent to France, then to Scandinavia and finally to Russia, you will play as a young lieutenant who learns his trade on the job and gradually gains the confidence of his colonel. The whole thing is pleasantly well staged with cut-scenes between each mission or almost each mission and an overall course of operations recounted during loading.No time for daydreaming, therefore, it is necessary to act quickly and well in a very intense campaign with a series of rather varied objectives, sometimes mandatory, sometimes optional. Holding a strategic point before the arrival of reinforcements, laying a trap for the "reds" by luring them to a specific location to better pound them, storming an enemy base or recovering confidential information lost in a spy plane crash, the missions are one after the other and are not alike in World in Conflict, which also benefits from a rather exceptional atmosphere.

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It's quite simple, we will really feel at the heart of the conflict, other fronts developing around us, allied battalions regularly asking for help (which we can refuse or accept) and the situation finally evolving continuously during the same mission. If not the scenario a bit Manichean, a staging sometimes a little pompous and a too short life span, it is difficult to find other things to say about this solo campaign, frankly captivating. In any case, we're asking for more.

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