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Procedure for betting on SMITE

Here is the process to bet money on Smite, the Hi-Rez Studios' MOBA in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

As a reminder, MOBA offers ten players to compete five against five on one card (unique in a way). Each player has a well-defined role within the codes of the genre: the "solo lane", the "jungler", the "mid", and the "duo lane". The subtlety of this concept is the hallucinating number of characters with different roles and skills that allows for a constant renewal of team compositions.

In Smite, these characters are gods from different cultures. Chinese, Nordic, Greek, Egyptian, Maya..., there is something for everyone and some are obviously well known to the general public. For the rest, we can salute the fact that Smite reinforces our general culture by teaching us some unknown deities. Having now two years behind him, one of the advantages of the title is that it already has a substantial content with a little more than 70 playable gods.

Possessing well-defined roles (assassin, tank, mage...), the common point of these divine beings is to possess three spells, a passive skill and an ultimate spell. It is obviously necessary to play a minimum to master these champions in order to be more effective or know how to play against them. This is perhaps the most frustrating point for newcomers to the genre. Luckily Smite has a fairly comprehensive tutorial that explains the basic mechanics very well.

One of the attractions of many MOBAs is the free to play model that doesn't penalize players who don't get their hands on the wallet. Indeed the title is completely free, although your progression in terms of levels and obtaining champions (which are done via the game currency) will be longer. As well as obtaining "skins" allowing you to change the appearance of the gods. However, it's a good thing that some of them can be unlocked without paying a cent (but you have to play a lot). So the decision to invest money will depend on how much you like to play Hi-rez. There are even packs that allow you to get all the gods plus the ones to come which is a good deal.

Once you have played a lot and reached level 30 you will have access to the rated games to try your hand at the high level competition with games that are a bit more competitive. The life span is almost infinite given the progression system and the regular additions of new gods. Regular patches are there to balance the characters between them (even if we know that in the case of MOBA, it's a very difficult exercise).

Visually Smite holds its own on PS4, especially when you know that it's released in 2014 on PC. Without being stunning, the software is pleasing to the eye with pretty nice and well built environments. The prize obviously goes to the gods who have magnificent splash art and elaborate designs (more for some). On a technical level, we are happy to see that the addition of the graphic option offering the 60 fps offers an impeccable fluidity. For the voices, Smite still only offers English dubbing even if it is quite good.

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