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Procedure for betting on HOTS

Here is the process to bet money on Heroes of the Storm, the Blizzard Entertainment' MOBA in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

Far behind League of Legends and Dota 2 popularity level Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's MOBA is struggling to make its way in a competitive industry. Blizzard's newest game is a 2.0 version of the game. Was the bet successful? Then we're back with this guide to Heroes of the Storm.

New hero from Overwatch:

So the new hero in the reworking of Heroes of the Storm is Genji. From the world of Overwatch, one of Blizzard's other games that's doing particularly well at the moment. It will be an assassin-type character who, as in Overwatch, will be able to attack from a distance thanks to his shurikens and then go into hand-to-hand combat with his sword, his dragon blade. Like any hero when he comes out, he will cost 15,000 gold pieces or 9.99€.

New progression system:

Before the release of this redesign, all you had to do was raise your account to level 40 simply by playing games. Heroes could be raised to level 20 to unlock gold and some alternative skins.
You could get to level 40 pretty quickly and you would lose the sense of progression. With this redesign there is no longer a level 40 limit for the account and a level 20 limit for the heroes. Your level will be the sum of all the hero levels you have. To differentiate even more between people of different levels you will receive new frames every 25 levels and every 100 levels your badge will become more and more impressive. As a result, every time a character's level rises you will receive a booty chest.

New currency:

Gems are used to replace real money and will therefore allow you to buy heroes, booty chests or turbos which increase your experience and gold earnings for a limited time. Of course, players will be able to buy gems with real money.

Crystals will be used to make ornamental items such as skins for your champion, mounts, tags like on Overwatch, emoticons and new replicas for your characters. Crystals can only be obtained from the booty chests.

New collection tab:

And to choose which heroes to buy or modify the shop disappears to make way for the Collection. It regroups everything that can be made, bought or manufactured for your heroes.

New map from Overwatch too:

For this version 2.0, Blizzard is also releasing a new map where players will be able to compete against each other. Again from Overwatch (definitely!). It's called Hanamura.

On this map, you will have to destroy your opponent's idol, which has 7 health points. You won't be able to destroy it directly with your hero. There are several ways to destroy it.

  • Convoys: You must escort a convoy from point A to point B. If you succeed in leading it to its destination it will turn into a cannon which will inflict 1 point of damage to the enemy idol. To reach its maximum speed, the convoy requires the presence of 3 nearby heroes. The mere presence of an enemy near the convoy will make it stop immediately and worse if no one is present near the convoy it will start to retreat.
  • The forts: Each team starts the game with 4 forts to protect. For each lost fort, the next convoy arriving at its destination will inflict 1 additional damage to the enemy idol.
  • The Mecca Executioner: A neutral monster in the middle of the map, very difficult to kill, will inflict 1 point of damage to the enemy idol if you manage to defeat it.

There are also other camps of neutral monsters that are easier to kill but offer less bonuses such as a mobile beacon that will locate 3 opposing champions and unveil them for 8 seconds, a turret that can be deployed anywhere even on your convoy. It will inflict damage for 45 seconds. The last bonus, which is a bit harder to recover, is not insignificant and can make a teamfight lean to your side since it is a healing kit that can be used in combat and heals all allies nearby.

Tips to bet on HOTS

Blizzard's all about team combat, so your hero doesn't have a level of his own, it's the team itself that has a level and that increases with your actions but for the whole team. Second specificity, there are no runes no masters no gold and no equipment. There is just a talent tree which at level 1,4,7,10,13,16 and 20 asks us to choose from three. Heroes are divided into 4 main categories: assassins, warriors, specialists and supporters. In total there are about 50 playable characters. Blizzard uses all its games (World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Overwatch) to feed its MOBA. When you move around during the game by pressing W, you'll see a mount that helps you move faster out of combat.

The types of games and the different cards:

In Heroes of the Storm, there are no different types of games strictly speaking, since each card brings a different way of approaching the game. There are a total of 13 different maps, so there are just as many different ways to approach the game. The main basic principle will always remain the destruction of the enemy idol.

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