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Here is the process to bet money on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the Blizzard Entertainment' card game in three steps.

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Si World of Warcraft a eu droit il y a quelques années à un vrai jeu de cartes à collectionner (le biennommé World of Warcraft Trading Card Game), c'est aujourd'hui un JCC virtuel consacré à l'univers Warcraft dans son ensemble qui voit le jour. Après une période de bêta prolongée, HearthStone : Heroes of WarCraft est en effet officiellement sorti. Comprenez par là que tout un chacun peut le télécharger gratuitement et commencer à en profiter. Mais faut-il pour autant se donner cette peine ? On a testé pour vous et la réponse est positive !

HearthStone uses the Battle.net platform, well known to fans of World of Warcraft, Diablo III or StarCraft II. Downloading and installing the game is therefore a smooth process, as there is no room for amateurism here. In the general graphic design of the game either, by the way. Before talking about the gameplay, we can already reassure all fans of the publisher: even if it's a simple card game, the Blizzard touch and the attention to detail that the company is accustomed to are omnipresent. The game board is nicely decorated, the interface has a slightly cartoon-like style, while numerous visual and sound effects enhance the experience and "reward" the player.

There are even some small animations here and there, including on some maps, to liven things up and make the whole thing a little more lively. And if you get bored during your opponent's turn, it's even possible to click on some interactive zones hidden in the scenery, just to trigger mini-small-micro-events (a door that closes, a catapult that goes off, leaves that move...). Totally useless, and therefore rigorously indispensable, all cosmetic refinements of this type contribute to increasing the game's seduction potential.

Its other trump card for this is of course the Warcraft license. Nearly all the cards refer to a character or spell already appreciated in the famous RTS and other MMORPGs. Turning an opposing unit (i.e. a card) into a sheep? It's possible! Using a two-headed ogre? Don't worry! Summon the terrible Onyxia? No problem! Admit that all this brings back memories. And what about the characters who embody the different classes available, since they are legendary heroes such as Jaina Proudmoore, Malfurion Hurlorage or Garrosh Hurlenfer.

Worthy of much praise, HearthStone really only disappoints on points of detail. For example, we would have appreciated being able to chat directly with our opponents rather than being limited to a system of predefined themes (hello, thank you, sorry, oops, well done, threat).

Or to have the possibility to reorganize the order of the cards in our hand, especially to sort them in order of increasing cost in mana crystals. Or having to deal with a "zero bug" game, which is not quite the case. Despite the long months of beta, sometimes cards are placed in the wrong place on the board, or a somewhat convoluted combination of powers and attributes doesn't act exactly as it should.
Already rare, these problems will certainly be resolved in the coming weeks, as the tracking made in Blizzard is of course exemplary. And it's even likely that a new game mode will appear soon, since the main menu has an empty slot that just needs to be filled in?

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