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Procedure for betting on CSGO

Here is the process to bet money on Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the Valve' FPS in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

Counter-Strike is a war game so good we still find several game modes, all the classic game modes like "match to death", what else do we have? We have "hostage defense" and all that. But we also find mainly the competitive mode which is played on Counter-Strike in fact it's 5 vs 5 where the goal is that we have two sides and therefore two teams, one team that is terrorist and one team that is anti-terrorist. To put it simply, we will say that the terrorists are the attackers and the anti-terrorists are the defenders.

Basically, there are several ways the game can be played, since the attackers basically have a bomb in their possession and the maps are drawn up so that two important areas can be identified. These areas are called sight bombs, I don't know what the word means in French, but they are the places where we will be able to plant these famous bombs.
Basically, the team that plays, that is supposed to play together, so that they can at least communicate or establish strategies to get to those areas. Well, they're going to have to detonate that bomb, and at that point there are a number of scenarios that are going to be available to them. In other words, because they've actually planted that bomb, they've set that bomb off, the adversaries are going to want to defuse it.

So that's why the defenders' objective was to defuse it and the attackers obviously want to gain time to make it explode. That's why there's a whole strategic battle where the whole team and the opposing team are trying to find a place to win a set.

There isn't really a general authority that's going to say this team is in this league and in this division, etc. In fact it's not ranked by division. If you want there is nobody who has the monopoly on CS GO for example if I for example I want to create a company I don't know event and I want to create my tournament but I do. So basically there are no restrictions on that and so on, but that's why we can't necessarily classify teams by division, we can do it, but then maybe not everybody will have the same opinion or whatever.

How can we bet on the Esport, which bookie we need?

And in fact, the choice is really very complete I was surprised about that because in fact they really offered matches, even matches that are a little bit lower level so basically how can I say? They don't only offer big matches, and that's what's good, the volume they offer is really interesting so that's why I thought it was cool. But the only negative point is that you can't necessarily bet money, that's the only negative point.

And what kind of bets do you find on the Esport, you have to have the classic win, you have to have a handicap?

So, as I said, there are several match formats. There's best of 3, there's also the best of one. In fact the best of one is just that there will only be one card played and so I'm going to start with the types of bets that there are for the best of one so you can pick a winner.

There are no draws as we are supposed to have extra time so on this match so 1 and 2 as we say in football instead of 1×2. Then we can bet on handicaps. So for example, this team will win by three sets or this team will win by five sets or something like that. Those are the handicaps. We've got the overs on the map. For example over 25.5 so basically we need a score of 16-10 minimum. That's pretty much all you can get after that you can have bets, alternative bets that could be the bets kills so basically it's the number of kills that players make, the number of kills and so on.

So that's good, that's just pinnacle is a little bit 1xbet that I've rarely seen on other books because it's pretty much I'm not going to say it's exotic, but that's new. And then it's about all you can find on the best of one and then as we go on the best of 3 then we have more handicap on the whole game.
For example, such a team will win 2-0, such a team will win at least one card and the same ones like that, so not necessarily the bets, the possible bets I told you for a best of one are possible for each of the cards in the best of 3. So it's still a lot of bets and it still leaves the possibility to choose, the choice is not reduced in any case, that's for sure.

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