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Almost a year after its announcement at the last Tokyo Game Show 2015, The King of Fighters XIV (KOF XIV for short) finally arrives on PS4. An exclusivity that Sony offered itself for its latest console and that many people quickly despised following the first videos that SNK unveiled on its YouTube channel (comments were even blocked).
It must be said that the result a year ago was closer to the student project than to the new episode of the KOF saga, which has always accustomed us to excellence. Fortunately, the first previews three months ago quickly dispelled any doubts, foreshadowing a version as powerful as the 2D episodes in terms of gameplay. Now that the game is out, it's time to deliver our final verdict.

"Barely worthy of a Dreamcast", "KOF, it's really more what it was...", "It's so ugly it could run on Wii U". There's no shortage of trolls when it comes to making fun of the technical part of KOF XIV, which had a difficult development. Rumours have it that development began in 2D just after the release of KOF XIII in 2011, only to be cancelled and handed over to Yasuyuki Oda, a veteran of SNK's R&D1 branch (1993-2000) before moving to Dimps and working with Capcom on Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Recalled in 2014 by Eikichi Kawasaki himself, the founder of SNK, Oda's mission was to make KOF XIV the first 3D episode that would stand the test of time and give a new dynamic to SNK, whose new ambitions (inspired by the takeover of the firm by a Chinese holding company) seem to truly echo the glorious era of NeoGeo.
So certainly, The King of Fighters XIV is far from being a game that deserves its place on PS4, graphically speaking I mean, especially when you know it's an exclusive, but despite everything, it's far - very far - from the first videos that were unveiled last year.

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