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Here is the process to bet money on Halo, the Microsoft Studios' FPS in three steps.

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The Master Chief Collection gets off to a flying start with Halo: Reach, which is also available as a stand-alone product. In both cases, the selling price is extremely reasonable (forty euros for the compilation, ten euros for the game alone), which contributes to the feeling of almost complete success. Apart from an audio mix that doesn't really do justice to the original version of the game, all the technical aspects have been revised upwards. In 4K and at sixty frames per second, Halo: Reach still holds its own despite being nine years old. PC gamers can now finally enjoy what is one of the best episodes of the saga. Better late than never!

The menus do not offer extremely detailed and precise graphic options, but you can still adjust the field of view. More generally, you can immediately feel the graphical difference on the screen compared to the console versions. Starting with the resolution, which can be easily pushed to 4K for extremely fine graphics, and against which the 1152x720 pixels of the 360 version look quite pale. Add to this the presence of an antialiasing filter more powerful than before, and you can say goodbye to the staircase effects that were clearly visible on the console. You can also forget about the thirty frames per second limit, sixty fps being the norm here. Of course it's possible to go beyond that, just as it's possible to play in 8K if you wish... and if you have a screen capable of displaying such a resolution. On the other hand it is not necessary to have a competition PC to enjoy the game in good conditions. It runs like a charm on modest machines.

Good news for mod lovers: the anti-cheat system can be deactivated. At last, the keyboard/mouse pair is fully supported, and you gain a lot of aiming pleasure. Only the driving is a bit disturbing, since the steering is controlled with the mouse and not the keyboard. We would have liked to be able to choose between the two systems.
Likewise, it would have been nice if the French dubbing had been redone for this new release of the game. The 2010 one was already not very convincing at the time, and its flaws are even more obvious today. But the biggest problem with this Halo: Reach on PC concerns the audio mix, which is not at all faithful to the original work.

The sounds seem very muffled and it's hard to distinguish the different audio tracks, voice sounds and music that tend to mix in a rather unpleasant way. Let's hope that a patch will correct this problem quickly. If not, the game would still be highly recommendable. The last part of the saga developed by Bungie and the first episode of the Master Collection to be released on PC, Halo: Reach has almost everything to please.

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