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Here is the process to bet money on Overwatch, the Blizzard Entertainment' FPS in three steps.

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We can't miss this phenomenon game whose release last May was particularly awaited. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft, Hearthtone) and published by Activision Blizzard, Overwatch experienced what could be called a media buzz.

A master in the art of comm', the publisher managed to make us feel like we'd already played it before even laying our hands on the game. The developers, however inexperienced in FPS, offer us a title with the e-Sport scene as its objective. After a preview of Overwatch's rave reviews (on the beta) by our friend Hearsch, it's time to discover the final version, no longer on PC, but on a home console (that's a bit of a change), and to take advantage of it to ignore all this media hype and judge this Overwatch at its true value.

We mentioned different battle objectives in the previous section. For those of you who may not be familiar with this kind of game, there's some classic stuff. The games follow one after the other, alternating and changing the phase of play at the end of each one.

There are the position captures, where both teams have to go "capture a position" (if, I promise you). Once taken, this position must be defended for a certain time. The other team then tries to recover the point. If they succeed, it is their turn to defend it. The first team to hold the position the longest wins the round. The game is in 2 winning sets.

Attack/defense phases follow. Here the attackers have to recover a strategic point defended by...? The defenders! If they succeed, they will have to repeat their exploit on a different place of the map, all in a given time.

The third mode is convoy escort. The principle once again opposes attackers and defenders, except that in this case, the attackers must escort a vehicle from point A to point B by passing different checkpoints, always within a given time. Although these three modes remain nice, it is still regrettable that there are not more of them. Yes, when a game is intended for e-Sport, it's customary not to spread out too much, but still. It's a little thin for content.

We would have appreciated some extra modes, with a little more fantasy, why not? With the arrival of the competitive mode, it could have been nice to have a ban system in the League of Legends for example (and no, I'm not a pro-MOBA, don't get me wrong), just to add a little spice to the title, which is still ultra fun.

Once a game is launched, your hero chosen and the team composed properly, you're ready to fulfill your goal. The hero that you play has, as mentioned above, unique characteristics. The triggers correspond to attacks or techniques specific to each character. Mei, with her ice gun, will be able to shoot ice spikes (secondary fire) or generate an ice "freeze" that will slow down and then literally freeze your enemies for a while.

As a defensive heroine, Mei also has the ability to create an ice cube around her to protect herself and regenerate her life. Finally, to slow down an opposing assault, or to get out of a tricky situation, she's able to mount a wall of ice wherever you want.

Over time, your ultimate attack charges. Killing enemies and many other factors also accelerate the charge. Once you're ready to use it, you'll have to wait for the right moment to use it and coordinate well with your allies. In Mei's example, the girl will place a capsule that will freeze all nearby enemies for several seconds.

Combine her ulti with Jackal's ulti for example and you can make quite a combo. Jackal rolls a tire that he can blow up to kill all the nearby enemies. I'll let you imagine if you can use this attack when all the enemies are frozen by Mei.

Conclusion on eSport betting at Overwatch

That it's not easy to ignore all the hype that Overwatch experienced before its release. But it had to be. If Activision Blizzard's communication is well worth a 10/10 (judging by the craze and sales), can the same be said for their new title?

Don't worry, the results are still very good. The game has an excellent graphic style, a very accomplished character design, a gameplay with a lot of onions. However, after several dozen hours, we're still a little bit hungry and we would have liked to ask for a little more. More content to start with such as alternative modes, the addition of a hero ban system before the game and a greater control of the hit boxes which are exaggerated in some cases.

The fun is no less omnipresent and the e-Sport scene has a lot of fun ahead of it as it welcomes Overwatch. Let the confrontation begin!

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