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Procedure for betting on Minecraft

Here is the process to bet money on Minecraft, the Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten' sandbox type construction game in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

There is no standard way to play Minecraft, but there are some basic recommendations to get started. After the beginnings that are normally common to almost all players, each one develops his own strategy conditioned to a large extent by the game mode, the characteristics of the world he is in or the chosen difficulty.

How to bet on Minecraft?

To get started, you can follow the following steps, a short guide with tips. The object of the game is to survive, so:

  1. Create your own world by first defining whether you play alone or online, the difficulty, which will condition the appearance of monsters or mobs in the course of the game and the game mode. Yes, it's also true that in the multiplayer world you can join someone, so you won't have to create a world strictly speaking.
  2. The game progresses in cycles of day and night and surviving the first night is crucial. You must build a shelter to protect yourself as your first mission is to collect building materials such as wood or stones. You can build a wooden house or dig in the stone and make a cave. It all depends on your skill and the combination of different elements to make tools. In your home, no creature will attack you, that's why it's important.
  3. Worry about defense by building weapons and protections such as armor and torches. You should also spend time figuring out what the different creatures or mods in the game are like because there are good and bad ones. If you learn to distinguish between them, you may avoid being reborn and having to find a new way back to the shelter.
  4. Now you have to define your style of play, no problem because Minecraft allows a lot of freedom. You can play it as if it were an RPG or just in sandbox mode, well exploiting your creativity by inventing all kinds of utensils or machines or browsing the worlds (some very curious) that other users have created.
  5. Explore places where you can find useful material to make objects. You will find them on the surface, underground or you can get them from the creatures. There are so-called "recipes" to learn how to make them.
  6. Take care of your health by building a farm to feed yourself, prepare potions when you are sick and consider having a map and a compass so you can often avoid facing many dangers.

Creative Mode

In creative mode, the way of playing changes completely. Here, the tricks are active and the goal of the game is not to survive but to build and destroy structures. To do this, the game eliminates health and hunger bars (even if the mobs continue present they are totally neutral), you can destroy blocks at any time (even the indestructible ones like the base stone), you will have in the inventory all the existing items (even if some of them work differently) and you will be able to fly. All possible facilities for players to develop their creative side.

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