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Procedure for betting on NBA2K

Here is the process to bet money on NBA 2K, the Visual Concepts' basketball video game in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

Like all sports simulations, NBA 2K is full of small, indefensible and abused techniques. On the occasion of the release of NBA 2K2021, you will be presented with the moves that will allow you to win a series of victories.

Select the esport team

I'm sure you know the trick... no trick. This is done when you go out on a counter-attack alone, with a defender on your heels but a few yards behind you. Rather than going up to the lay-up or trying your favourite dunk (the attackers, we can see you), continue your way to the basket. At this point, pause for half a second or more, pull out the popcorn, help yourself to a cocktail and watch the defender wanting to counter fly off to other skies. All you have to do is score your two points, quietly. To make the action perfect, add a wicked little laugh. Or imitate Kawhi's, that works too.

Few tricks to bet on NB2K version 2021

Here we're talking about grandma's good deception. When your shooter finds himself open at sea and his defender comes back at full speed, play him a little feint. On NBA 2K, most players are real kangaroos. Shift and punish from the parking lot. A great classic - which also works indoors - that the most vicious use to get easy points on free throws. Just let the defender fly in your direction, then try another trick when he's in the air. Then he can't avoid you and if he hits you, it's a gift. Ah, also, if you are told that this technique is dirty, think very hard of Lord Dwyane Wade. Those words will no longer reach you.

It is one of the simplest actions in this sport, but also one of the most devastating. A well executed pick and roll by the forwards is an extremely complicated equation to solve for the defence. Especially on NBA 2K. If the ball carrier has a good shot, the opposing insides are forced to come out and leave their racquet wide open. If the insides don't come out, the ball carrier is free to sanction to 3 points. The formula is extremely simple. Especially when the rest of the players spread the game well. Calling for an isolation is therefore not too much to ask for before throwing your pick and roll, and all you have to do is play Stockton-Malone.

The left-right behind the screens

Horrible character that you are, you can also use the screens other than in pick and roll. Simply by zigzagging behind the multiple screens of an interior. Just wait for an animation where the defender gets stuck, then quietly draw. This dreadful technique is especially for Stretchs.

Dribbling three dribbles in a row using the right joystick is not something everyone can do. So if you have no talent, give up the idea of taking over from Jamal Crawford and take refuge on a finisher. Then do as 90% of them do - run straight towards the racquet and press Square/X - and wait for the game to reward you despite your lack of play read and the big opposing defence.

The fake pass

We couldn't finish this article without talking a good game. Skunk subterfuge is all well and good, but at least try to maintain a modicum of dignity. To do this, learn to master the art of feigned passing. When a defender hesitates between the carrier and the open shooter, break the kidneys of a fake pass. At that very moment, your bodyguard thinks he is the king of anticipation. Press O and Triangle and turn him into a mere useless post. Then it's up to you to shoot or keep him spinning like Spurs. It's enough to give you a nice headache.

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