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Procedure for betting on LOL

Here is the process to bet money on League of Legends, the Riot' MOBA in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

Where to bet online on eSport LoL?

If you play League of Legends, and especially if you follow eSport, you may already have been tempted to bet on one or two matches of the biggest competitions.

And I understand you, because in the end, for me there is not a big difference between a football match and a League of Legends game, especially when the biggest teams in the world are playing against each other.

eSport has very quickly become an important part of the League of Legends landscape. From my point of view, we can even consider that LoL has greatly contributed to the vision of eSport in the world and especially in France which was clearly lagging behind in this field.

The biggest League of Legends competitions now have cashprizes generally amounting to several Millions of Dollars ($), enough to bait the players, but especially the public and sponsors who are more and more numerous and above all bigger and bigger!

This is perfectly understandable since the game has always been about competition, especially with the ranked games that appeared from the very beginning of the game, and which pushed from the start to surpass themselves to become the number 1.
The world of streaming has also had a great influence on the focus of eSport's online players and competitions.

You can often see players in full streaming who collect ever bigger donations, sometimes even amounting to several thousand euros... Their popularity evolves quickly according to their gameplay, their sympathy with the viewers, but also with their progress in the eSport Game.

The LoL phenomenon goes on and on

With millions of active players, LoL can be considered THE number 1 game in the world, well ahead of World of warcraft for example, which had its hour of glory but is clearly falling, or Counter Strike Global Offensive, which has a very loyal audience but doesn't reach enough people to make it the most played game of all time!

An American school has even just put online a scholarship offer, in partnership with Riot Games (the company that propels League of legends) that will bring back the best players in the world, who, in addition to following their school career, will have to play League of legends OR other famous eSports games, as could be the case with American football.

In other words, this video game steamroller is still rolling, and will soon be talked about as the game that revolutionized eSport and online gambling.

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