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Here is the process to bet money on Tekken, the Namco' versus fighting in three steps.

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With Tekken 7, the Mishimas could not dream of a better conclusion after 23 years of family troubles. Still, the lack of single-player content, anecdotal RV mode and framerate crashes somewhat tarnish the picture, but this mastery in the gameplay reminds us that 3D fighting no longer holds any secrets for Katushiro Harada and his teams. Without ever forcing their hand, they push beginners to work on their style thanks to mechanics that offer a huge margin of progression.

As for the purists, they will be pleased to see that the game always knows how to reward the most gifted, as Power Crush and Rage Drive are not within the reach of the first to come. Finally, equipped with an ergonomic interface, Tekken 7 commands respect with its "Story" mode punctuated by epic moments that fans will appreciate at their true value.

As always with fighting games, it's better to attack through the gameplay and enjoy the freshness of the neurons. The basic mechanics haven't changed, and it's all about controlling each member of the character - Square and Triangle for the right and left arm, Round and Cross for the right and left foot. Once you have these commands in mind, it's easy to perform what are called chain combos, which are sequences made from a combination of keys.
It's easy to see why people who are new to the game are jumping on characters with extended combos, even though the developers have made sure to balance things out over time.

The other major principle of Tekken that hasn't moved is the fact that you have to control the distance at all times, don't stay static, and place small, fast sidesteps so you're not exposed to attacks from the other side, while looking for the opening. Once the flaw has been spotted, one can place a launcher, i.e. a move that will send the opponent into the air and chain him without giving him the possibility to react.

This is what is commonly called a juggle. Unlike SoulCalibur, which offers an escape with air control, Tekken forces you to be brutalized to the end, which causes enormous frustration when you get beaten up like a victim. Despite the efforts of the Project Tekken Team to make the gameplay less permissive, the community has always been able to find infinitesimals capable of making you depressed for weeks.

Speaking of Akuma precisely, his handling will not disturb Street Fighter fans in any way, since most of his attacks have been preserved and are executed in the same way. The man even has the right to his Super bar for his Messatsu Gohado, that's to say the will of the Project Tekken Team not to distort him. The problem is that it poses some balance problems, even if his movements are not as fluid as in 2D.
His Gohadoken can very quickly become boring, just like his Ashura Senku which disturbs quite a bit in a three-dimensional space. Maybe it's just a matter of habit before identifying its flaws. In the meantime, we're happy to see that the weight of the polygons prevents him from being as reactive as he is with Capcom. That's something to look forward to.

The rest of the cast includes a few newcomers such as Lucky Chloe, Shaheen, or Josie. To make no secret of it, we didn't have enough time to study them - due to the publication deadline - but the long night sessions that are coming up at home will allow us to see more clearly. On the production side, Tekken 7 is based on the Unreal Engine 4, which allows it to be more accomplished than its predecessors in terms of graphics, and to benefit from a very attractive design. The character modeling has gained in roundness, even if the Tekken style is there.
Some effects are nice to look at, like those close-ups when the fatal blow is about to be dealt; or those slow motion replays when both characters, on the verge of a knockout, launch an attack at the same time.

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