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As we know and we're told, the future of video games belongs to mobile platforms, even in the age of next-gen consoles and over-powered PCs invading living rooms. Electronic Arts is at least convinced of this and clearly believes that not only is the mobile the future of video games, but that gaming for gamers has a full place in it.

According to Frank Gibeau (in charge of EA Labels at Electronic Arts, indiscriminately overseeing PC, console and mobile gaming - as if to say that it doesn't matter what platform as long as it's fun), almost all of the group's licenses could be ported, starting with the heavyweight Battlefield.

Does a game like Battlefield [for hardcore gamers] really belong on the small screens of mobile platforms?

You can play Battlefield on a tablet with the Commander mode [in Battlefield 4, which is a second screen feature that allows you to intervene in a console game]. We're currently working on a Battlefield-based mobile game that will be high-flying and high-performance. It's our bet to make such a port a success. But we're embarking on something that has never been done before - making these games interact between different platforms. Will it work? In a way, it already does. Is it relevant to all licenses? Not all licenses lend themselves to this transition. For Battlefield, it might be a little more complicated.

Maybe a little more complicated, but obviously not enough to discourage the developer from investing a little more in the very attractive market of tablet and smartphone gaming. We'll probably be curious to find out a little more about his approach to the sector for gamers.
In the meantime, Battlefield 4 is expected on October 31 on PC and consoles, while waiting for the next-gen versions in November.

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