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Procedure for betting on Rainbow Six

Here is the process to bet money on RainbowSix Siege, the Ubisoft' FPS in three steps.

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- Choose your Team, deposit and bet

3- In case of victory, your account will be credited

In the Tom Clancy's series published by Ubisoft, Rainbow Six Siege is the reference Esport title.
This FPS (first-person shooter) stands out for its realism in the simulation of intervention games. It is based on the principle of pitting two teams of 5 players against each other, and the particularity for both of them to choose a type of character for each game, bringing a very strong tactical dimension and of course teamwork to bring your team to victory.

The dazzling development of the game this last year on the Esport stage has naturally opened a place for it in the Colmar Esport Show tournaments, and some of the matches will be broadcasted on the big screen in front of thousands of spectators.

Changes on the competitive scene

Ubisoft also took advantage of this last day of Six Invitational to reveal its short- and medium-term plans for its game and its competitive scene: in addition to changes concerning operators (playable characters with unique characteristics) and the integration of card vetoes, the French publisher of Rainbow 6 gave information on the redistribution of revenues to teams and revealed the new contours of the professional circuit that it wants to continue to grow.

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