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The Esports games are taking over the world. Every year, news of major tournaments and record prize pools reach specialized community forums and the mainstream media. And whether in terms of revenue sources, audience figures or the novelty of this trend, esports has all the prerequisites to become one of the distinctive features of the 21st century.

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With so many video games coming out every day, why do some get what follows and the longevity that others can only dream of? Why do some genres resonate across countries and continents while others are left to the unenviable fate of disappearing into obscurity? And what does the future hold for future esports games in general and esports games in particular?

These questions can leave you confused, especially if you don't know where to look for the answers. That's why we've decided to prepare the ultimate sports game guide and shed light on the exciting world of competitive gaming!

The first step in understanding sports sports is a matter of definition. Over the years, the growth of competitive play has created many myths and legends about the exact nature of this phenomenon. Yet when you look beyond the smoke and mirrors, the truth is surprisingly simple. Esports is a form of competition based on video games. Usually, it consists of organized events and tournaments where professional players compete for fame, glory and an attractive prize pool.

Quake, the game commonly known as the grandfather of esports, was released in 1996. One year later, Denis "Thresh" Fong won a Ferrari 328 in a Red Annihilation Quake tournament - a competition that went down in history as the world's first eSport event. Later, sports games like StarCraft: Brood Warfare, Counter Attack: Global Offensive and Warcraft III all contributed to the growth of competitive gaming.

However, it was only at the end of the 2000s that winter sports became very successful.

Fast forward a decade, and the competitive game always reaches new heights. Turkey, Finland and the United States of America recognize professional players as athletes and give them many opportunities to apply for scholarships and work visas. Denmark has gone even further by developing a separate strategy for ports and funding local sports organisations. Combine that with hundreds of millions of fans watching their favourite games around the world, and it is clear that the sports industry is on the fast track to success.

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