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Procedure for betting during the SC2 WCS

This major event which takes place in the entire world is an opportunity to take bets.
Here are a few points, how to bet on the StarCraft 2 World Championship:

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- As soon as the SC2 WCS tournament starts, choose your game and bet

3- Wins money from those who predicted badly

The story of Starcraft 2 immerses the player in a futuristic world where three distinct factions (the Terrans, genetically engineered humans; the Zerg, an insect people with a collective consciousness; and the Protoss, a technologically advanced alien nation) battle or ally for survival. Each faction has its own history, qualities and flaws.

The Starcraft 2 universe takes the form of closed battlefields (a map of varying size, whose topography usually influences the strategies players can use), where the protagonists compete in duels or teams.

Regardless of which faction is chosen, the player always starts by building a base and collecting the resources necessary for its proper functioning, and then managing them to ensure its economic survival. These resources will notably make it possible to recruit troops with different capabilities (production units, military infantry units, motorised armoured vehicles, aviation, etc.) or to improve its facilities (by conducting research to develop new technologies, improving its offensive or defensive capabilities, etc.).

Sooner or later, the players meet and confront each other: it is then necessary to deal with the strengths and weaknesses of one's army in order to win (Zerg usually try to overwhelm the opponent quickly with their numbers to compensate for their low resistance; Protoss have incomparable firepower and protection, but each unit consumes very important resources; Terrans are relatively versatile).

The game thus relies on a mix of economic management and military strategy. The battle ends when one player wins by destroying the opponent's base.

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty offers two distinct game modes:

  • A campaign mode (single player) first in which the player will be able to follow the history of each faction fighting against the opposing invasions. It should be noted that the first component, Wings of Liberty, only offers the Terran campaign mode. Indeed, the campaigns specific to the other races will be available later and will require the purchase of additional extensions.
  • A multiplayer mode, on internet only. Each player has, at his disposal, his own game account (Battle.Net account specifically developed by the publisher) allowing him to challenge opponents all over the world. In this game mode, each game will therefore see two or more players compete against each other with the objective of eliminating the opposing bases. The game also allows to play in teams and it will be possible to play two against two or more players.

This multiplayer aspect also offers a ranking of the players according to their performances, both nationally and internationally. It is this ranking (called Elo, in reference to the chess player) which allows players to always find opponents at their measure (neither too strong nor too weak), even for some players to practice video game in a more professional form, called electronic sport or esport.

Note that Starcraft 2 also includes an editor to create content (maps, in particular, but also racing mini-games, puzzles, etc.) that players exchange on Battle.Net

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