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Procedure for betting during the EVO

This major event which takes place in in the US is an opportunity to take bets.
Here are a few points, how to bet on the Evolution Championship Series:

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- As soon as the EVO tournament starts, choose your game and bet

3- Wins money from those who predicted badly

One of the most important annual appointments of the year on the fighting games is back from January 24th to 26th in Chiba. Thousands of players have registered and are on their way to defend their place in the various tournaments of the event.

Six fighting games present

The best players in the world will compete on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Soul Calibur VI, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Samurai Spirits and Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle. No Dragon Ball FighterZ, then.

This will be the third edition

Although the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) has existed under this name since 2002, Japan did not host its first edition until 2018. Indeed, its first edition was planned for 2011 but was postponed indefinitely after the devastating earthquake in Tohoku.

More than $30,000 in cash prize money

As for each edition, cashprize is not necessarily the main source of motivation for players, as it is not always raised according to the tournaments; it is strictly controlled by Japanese laws. This year, Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 have the upper hand with $9,000 in cashprizes paid out to the winners. On the other hand, the winner of the Smash Ultimate tournament would officially win... a Switch Pro controller.

EVO Japan to Share Smash Community with Genesis 7

This weekend, several fighting game tournaments will take place around the world. As far as the Smash community is concerned, the Genesis 7 tournament will also be coming up. The event will confront players on Smash Ultimate, but also on Melée and Splatoon 2, in particular. Defending champion and Smash Player of the Year 2019, MKLeo, will compete in Oakland with players such as Glutonny.

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