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Procedure for betting during the CWL

This major event which takes place in the US is an opportunity to take bets.
Here are a few points, how to bet on the Call of Duty Championship:

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- As soon as the CWL tournament starts, choose your game and bet

3- Wins money from those who predicted badly

The professional competitive season will feature matches played in the best of five on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Playstation 4. The professional teams with the best win-loss ratio will advance to the final round of double elimination play-offs, which will culminate in the crowning of a winner. The play-off phases will include 2 free slots (wild card). The play-offs in the summer segment will take place at the same time as the Call of Duty League Championship during the CDL Championship weekend in the summer of 2020.

Alongside the professional circuit, the League will continue to foster the emergence and development of new talent through the Call of Duty Challengers circuit, the gateway for amateur players to the pro circuit. The Call of Duty Challengers will feature a ranking system, online tournaments as well as LAN Open tournaments throughout the year starting in early November 2019. The Challengers circuit will offer a total cash prize of more than $1 million. Several professional Call of Duty League teams will also support the development of the amateur circuit by hosting Call of Duty Challengers competitions in their cities. More information about the amateur circuit events is available at

Fans will also be able to defend the colours of their cities through a new competition system called the Call of Duty League City Circuit. The City Circuit allows fans to compete in the colours of their local teams through exclusive online or LAN tournaments hosted by the 12 official Call of Duty League teams. This amateur fan-based competitive circuit will start in 2020 and will be played in duos in the Skirmish 2v2 mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
The CDL City Circuit will offer its own cash prize and the final of the tournament will be held during the Call of Duty League Championship weekend.

The goal of the Call of Duty League is to engage fans through the 12 teams from different territories and beyond. The home weekends will be an opportunity for them to discover the best Call of Duty Esport players in the world and show how energetically they support their local teams.

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