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Procedure for betting during the FIFA eWorld Cup

This major event which takes place in the entire world is an opportunity to take bets.
Here are a few points, how to bet on the FIFA Interactive World Cup:

1- Login to your eSport bookmaker

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2- As soon as the FIFA eWorld Cup tournament starts, choose your game and bet

3- Wins money from those who predicted badly

The FIFA eWorld Cup is the new name of the FIWC (FIFA Interactive World Cup. By the way, EA Sports has not only changed the name and logo. The new FIFA World Cup has its own qualification circuit, which started on 3 November 2017.

The circuit, called the FIFA 18 Global Series, will be run in several stages. In the first stage, two FUT Champions Cup tournaments. These events will bring together the 128 best players (64 on Xbox One, 64 on PS4) from the FUT Champions Weekend League rankings. The first one is taking place right now in Barcelona (January 26th to 28th). The second will take place in April, with qualification starting in February. In each competition, the top 16 players (8 on Xbox One, 8 on PS4) will qualify for the playoffs, which will be held in June.

The FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final

Currently, we know that the FIFA World Cup will end in July, leaving the Grand Final in August. There has been speculation that London, the city where the last FIFA 17 World Grand Final was held, will be the venue. The event ended with the victory of the Englishman, Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing. He was voted British player of the year 2017 by the Esports Industry Awards 2017.

The Virtual World Clubs Championship will also be there. Renamed the FIFA eClub World Cup, it will pit many more professional clubs against each other than in the first edition (32 against 24) and send four more players into the playoffs.

The final places (as yet undisclosed) will be awarded by licensed leagues, such as the Orange eLigue 1, which returns in November, and partner tournaments with EA Sports.

A total of 64 players will take part in each of the two playoff sessions. At the finish, this final shuffle will allow the 32 survivors of this long sports season to compete for the world championship title. And an as yet unknown cash prize. Now you know what you have to do...

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