15 eSport tournaments to bet on

It is obviously necessary to keep up to date with the latest video game news in order to know the trends. Nevertheless, there are some must-haves that will attract a lot of teams, players but also spectators such as sports games (FIFA), fighting games (Street), FPS (editor's note: first-person shooter like Counter Strike or Call Of Duty) but especially Battle Royale (editor's note: shooting game where the goal is to be the only survivor like Fortnite) and MOBA (editor's note: games in which you protect a base by playing a hero like in League Of Legends).
However, it's important not to spread yourself too thin and target the games you want to present.

Also, more than games, teams of professional players are very important and must be chosen carefully. Indeed, these video game stars have a great influence on the participation, involvement and atmosphere for the spectators during your tournament. Find out more about the major players in a game and the most iconic players if you want a large-scale tournament.

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As E Sport is a discipline in its own right, there are some notable differences in the sports betting market compared to traditional sports betting:

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